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How to choose shoes size?

This is a step-by-step guide to give you maximum confidence your beautiful shoes will fit. 1. Ensure you have the right size
This is an easy one, as the right size should be the shoe size you have been using all your adult life. 2.Check our sizes match your foot length
To measure your foot length, place it on a sheet of paper and draw an outline around it, ensuring that the pen is kept vertical and as close to your foot as possible. With the length measurement, refer to the "JAPAN" column of our shoes size chart for your size for different regions' conversion., e.g your measurement for length of your foot is 25cm, so your size with us is US9/Uk6.5/39 for Europe size.
3. Allow for close fitting shoes
All dance shoes need to fit quite closely to guard against slipping in the shoes. Our shoes are sized with a close fit. If you have wide/narrow feet, and you're concern the fitting of the shoes, please follow above instructions to provide us the measurements of Length/Width/Bunion Girth on the contact page, we will recommend you our sizes for you, but we leave the decision for the customer.
4. Converting sizes
If you need to convert to UK, Europe,or Japanese sizes you can refer to ourshoes size chart.
5. Allow for materials
You have a great choice of different materials, including leather, suede, satin and high quality imitation patent. Each of these materials behave differently.

  • LEATHER shoes will mold to the shape of your foot, and after a few months will fit precisely and feel nice and soft. Our guideline: buy leather shoes that are close fitting but not too much. They will feel a bit tight to begin with, but after a while will feel incredibly comfortable.
  • SUEDE shoes will give more than any material, because suede leather is softer than normal leather. Our guideline: buy suede shoes that are quite close fitting. Like leather, they will feel a bit tight to begin with but will mold precisely around your feet.
  • SATIN shoes are firm and will not mold much. Our guideline: buy satin shoes that not close fitting, which sometimes means going half size up.
  • PATENT shoes are also quite firm and close fitting. They will hold their shape for a very long time. Our guideline: buy patent shoes that not close fitting, which sometimes means going half size up.
6. Choose the front-opening style of your shoes
  • Open toe shoes have a larger opening at the end that shows all of the toes.
  • Peep toe shoes have a smaller opening at the end that shows part of the toes.
  • Closed toe shoes completely enclose the toes. They are also suitable for beginner dancers to protect your toes.
7. Choose between normal, wide and narrow
Normal width is available on all shoes on our website, but many of our models also have additional options: wide or narrow. If you find that shoes you normally purchase are either too wide or too narrow, then these may be for you. Wide increases the circumference of the shoe by 3.5 mm (1/7") all the way around, and narrow decreases it. And if you want more "Wide" than Wide, you can specify Wide Wide in the order comments, so that we will increases the circumference of the shoe by 7mm (2/7"), and Narrow Narrow in the order comments, so that we will decreases the circumference of the shoe by 7mm (2/7")
  • Wide option increases the circumference 3.5mm, Wide Wide for increasing 7 mm
  • Narrow option decreases the circumference 3.5mm, Narrow Narrow for decrease 7 mm

8. Choose the correct heel height
The height of the heel is measured from its tip on the ground, to where it meets the shoe body. Be quite careful with which heel you select. Some of the shoes on the website have options ranging from the low to extremely high. Measure the length of the heel against your existing shoes to see which height you prefer. The following chart shows how we measure the height of our heels.

9. Leather or suede soles
Suede sole grips the floor better, and is particularly good on slippery floors. Suede will need to be brushed every now and again to keep its surface optimal.
Leather soles are more resilient, and slide better.
The most important difference however is that because of its flexibility and softness, suede soles will make the entire shoe much more flexible, and your feet will have a more intimate contact with the floor. The flexibility is great!

Natural Spin Respect Our Client's decision on sizes, the final decision of the size and fitting are belongs to our clients.

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